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What We Are Witnessing Now Is Israel’s ‘Coming of Age’ In The 21st Century. It’s Doting Parent’s (the U.S) Have Given It The Key To The Door And They Think They Know Everything And Can Do Whatever They Please. Otherwise, Smash The Place Up!


August 2nd 2014


Day after day, night after night I watch the horrors unfold in ever more terrifying ways on the beleaguered Palestinians of the Gaza Strip. And thank God that is all I have to endure. I can’t for the life of me imagine actually being there amidst the raw fear and the ripped and charred flesh of children and innocents (and that includes innocent men). Israel has truly become a Monster. Modern history has produced Monsters before. Of Course. But no State actor can presently hold a candle to Israel when it comes to the uncontrollable savagery and demented barbarism we are witnessing right now. Moreover, it is the icy, scientifically applied psychological torture Israel has learnt to inflict on its victims that is the most chilling of all, death being a comfort by contrast. Exhausted, terrified families with young children sent scurrying like cockroaches (not an accidental term for many Israelis) from one place to another in search of temporary sanctuary and respite only to find themselves hours or minutes later engulfed in incendiary and torn by shrapnel dispatched from high-tech weaponry targeted at the very building they were told was safe. – the building they were instructed to go to by the Israeli Army. Perhaps others – all too aware of the IDF’s text-messaging ruse used in previous offensives in which entire extended families are lured out of their homes into convenient single-locations where they can be wiped-out en masse by a single hellfire missile (or other childishly named US-made device) by ‘accident’ – distrust their tormentors and prefer to risk staying put in their homes. Mistakenly. Boom! You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t – this is Israel’s postcode lottery. It is this truly Machiavellian psychological terror they inflict – knowingly and deliberately – on the Palestinians that propels them way out ahead of any other malevolent state actor on the planet today. North Korea excepted, but only North Korea. True sickos and psychos….

Wednesday this week, Israel found itself in a particularly tricky PR position as those witnesses around the world possessing a shred of humanity (ie excluding the likes of morally and intellectually bankrupt Western leaders: Obama, David Cameron, Hollande et al) reacted with disgust at the news that yet another UN refuge compound had been targeted, killing and maiming scores – mainly children. The Israeli ‘PR’ machine went into overdrive lining up the usual talking heads – the professional liars recruited by Israel from around the English-speaking world, Australia, South Africa, Britain, for whom duplicity comes as easily as breathing and breaking wind. Professional, vocational liars. And the BBC dutifully assisted, providing cover at every level. Having begun its earlier news broadcasts by reporting (as were all other UK MSM channels) it was an Israeli rocket that hit the UN building, by tea-time they were assisting the Israeli hasbara machine by spinning the narrative that it was possibly a Hamas rocket that was responsible with the same insouciance they had used just a few weeks earlier (and ever since) in instantly blaming President Putin personally for the downing of MH17 practically before it even hit the ground. No evidence required.

But BBC’s flagship current affairs programme ‘Newsnight (BBC 2 weeknights) was by far the worst offender giving over to the Israeli propaganda machine a full 25 minutes the show (almost half!) to brainwash the dim-witted, gullible, BBC faithful that they – the Israelis – weren’t responsible: Hamas did it… and even if Israel did do it, it was necessary and vital and anyway they had warned the UN to evacuate the building (flatly refuted by UN spokespersons on other news channels)…. it was Hamas’ fault because there were some Hamas fighters in ‘the vicinity’ (whatever that means?… within a few feet, a few hundred feet, several blocks away??), Hamas was committing war crime after war crime and using civilians as human-shields, the Gazans could have had ‘paradise’ but they chose Hamas, and on and on the lies, sanctimonious justifications and sick, cynical perversions of cause and effect came. The professional liars, Lt Col Peter Lerner (a Brit serving in the IDF) the retired army officer Col. Eitland, the sweaty, execrable Aussie, Mark Regev (who was already beginning and ending every nascent sentence with the word ‘Hamas’ at the tender age of 18 months), some South African low-life whose name I can’t even be bothered remembering, one by one, spewed out their chauvinistic garbage, nonsensical explanations and self-serving self-pitying hubris. These are Israel’s 21st Century Message Monsters, insulting us with their mock sympathy for Palestinian civilian casualties, their cocksure conviction that they can brainwash us all given enough BBC airtime, that we are all ‘Israelis’ deep down if only we listen to our hearts and hear their message. (Personally, I find these the most despicable of all the Monsters of Israel. I’d far rather just hear them say they enjoy a good old killing-frenzy in Gaza every few years and couldn’t give shit what the world thinks, but these faux-explanations, the ludicrous justifications they foist on us – well, their purpose is nothing less than to take the rest of humanity down with them to the very bottom of the cess-pit.)

And thanks to the unwavering support of the BBC they couldn’t have had an easier ride. Robert Peston, hosting the BBC 2 show, was compliant with a humongous, capital ‘C’, nodding along dutifully as the lies flowed like wine at a free bar at a Bar Mitzva. Just to help the Israeli narrative as to how ‘necessary’ this current round of collective punishment of the ‘Gazans’ is, in-between Peston’s tame, apologetic interviewing of the Israeli Message Monsters, we were treated to a piece from a young BBC reporter in Tel Aviv telling us how popular the massacre is with ‘ordinary’ Israelis (over 90% apparently loving it) though she appeared not to spot the irony as she gave her piece to camera strolling through a sunlit park where Israelis sat in light summer clothes sipping drinks outside a café and teenagers roller-bladed and skateboarded – such is the never-ending terror of Hamas rockets raining out of the sky day and night, confining them to an existence of fear. Another live shot showed Israelis gathering on hillsides to enjoy picnics and barbeques whilst enjoying the magnificent views of the Gaza Strip being bombed back to the stone-age. Clearly their fear of Hamas rockets was so great that the only solution available to them is mass slaughter of Palestinian children (little vipers as they like to call them) who would otherwise have grown into big vipers. Mowing the grass every few years, reduces the number of little vipers living in it.

Newsnight anchor, Robert Peston, was feeble, pliant and quivering throughout, nodding along at every incomprehensible, inconsistent, incongruous line delivered by the cold-blooded Message Monsters, seemingly oblivious to that fact that it all contradicted what we could all see with our own eyes. All the right ‘leading’ questions were asked by Robert Peston, swallowing his words as he uttered them fearful that he might come across as ‘challenging’. He wanted to know if Israel cared about the high number of civilian casualties and what the rest of the world thinks of Israel. Yes, their hearts bled for the dead civilians, came the insincere replies, such a tragedy, its so regrettable Hamas makes us target schools, hospitals, playgrounds, ambulances, busy markets, UN buildings, but then again they did vote for Hamas didn’t they, so aren’t they asking for it? And anyway, we are a democracy (sic) and don’t democracies have the right to exact collective punishment on a non-democracy (sic)? Robert Peston clearly found all their replies to be perfectly reasonable and acceptable since he didn’t challenge any of them. And so on to the next propaganda-friendly, non-invasive question. No Palestinian representative was invited on to the programme to counter the professional, vocational lie-mongers. It was an excruciating 25 minute spectacle.

In amongst all this brainwashing garbage, the editorial team at Newsnight shoe-horned a 5 minute pre-recorded ‘filmlet’ – an interview with an Israeli citizen living ‘on the edge’ of the “terror-tunnels” dug by Hamas. We were treated to her first-hand account of what its like to live in Israel just a stones throw away from the southern Gaza Strip. She ran some kind of fruit growing enterprise there and was filmed with some of her employees going about their daily business in a poly-tunnel (presumably serving the BBC as a subliminal contrasting analogy to those diabolical Palestinians who choose ‘terror-tunnels’ not poly-tunnels!) One of her workers (an immigrant) had been recently killed by Hamas rocket fire which had somehow snuck through the virtually impenetrable ’Iron Dome’ protective curtain. The BBC seemed to think that they were highlighting some ‘equivalence’ by showing this, that it somehow demonstrated graphically the rationale for Israel’s overwhelming, disproportionate, and indiscriminate use of lethal force, for strafing and leveling whole neighborhoods of Gaza. One has to suspect that the BBC had commissioned this endearing little ‘filmlet’ (probably under request from the Israeli Ministry of Information) and held it in reserve for a forthcoming ‘rainy day’ for Israel’s international image – one they knew would be just around the corner the way they were going. I’m sure it worked a treat on the already brainwashed folk who continue to trust the BBC’s so-called world-famous credibility and impartiality; and comforting for popular pundits like Richard Madley (of Richard & Judy fame) who think it’s clever and intellectually sophisticated to ‘blame both sides equally’.

It would be imprudent to comment much further on the particular circumstances in which this nice old-lady with perfectly-clipped, home-counties diction, found herself living in such an area among the Israeli ‘Peace Corps’, but perhaps we can just allow ourselves the speculation that she has infinitely more choices available to her than the Palestinians not far in the distance, enveloped in plumes of dust behind the barbed-wire. That said, the filmlet served no contextual parallel whatsoever. It was a BBC propaganda filler-item, pure and simple.

By the end of it all, many of the dim-witted BBC faithful will have been convinced that Israel loves Palestinian children more than it loves its own and only blows them to kingdom-come out of kindness to protect them from Hamas who is the root cause and only cause of all the Palestinians troubles including the 25-odd years during which Fatah ruled the Strip, not Hamas, and if only Hamas would just be more like Fatah then the Palestinians would be living in a ‘Paradise’ and be rich from tourism, what with their beautiful beaches strewn with pretty rocket shells and picturesque Israeli gun-boats floating on the horizon, completing the perfect holiday brochure cover-shot.

Some might argue that Robert Peston had a bit of a baptism of fire, his inauguration as Newsnight host inconveniently coinciding with the new Israeli Jihad. But the preceding night, the veteran Newsnight presenter, Kirsty Wark, was equally servile and mealy-mouthed whilst interviewing Message Monster, Dore Gold, possibly the most vile, repugnant man alive, with his world-beating smarmy and sanctimonious manner. Kirsty Wark lapped-up every word.

Bravo BBC! You serve the Monsters of the 21st Century well.


(More to come on the BBC’s aiding and abetting of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity…..).



Terrible Truth About UK Households –Revealed.

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Thanks to award-winning investigative journalist Jane Corbin and the BBC Panorama team responsible for last week’s dramatic expose: ‘Death in The Med’ (BBC2 Monday 16th Aug), I have been alerted to the fact that I may be harbouring a deadly weapons cache in my own home.

After conducting an intensive search of my kitchen drawers and garden shed that lasted 5 whole minutes, it was confirmed that indeed I possesed many weapons identical to those found on the Mavi Marmara by the Israeli Authorities, including lethal vegetable knives, disposable razors, craft knives, an office stapler, garden shears (needing repair) and – alarmingly – some plastic protective eye-goggles. My initial shock quickly turned to horror when I realised that possibly as many as every household in the UK may be unwittingly harbouring such weapons – clearly a domestic terrorist threat and maybe even a deliberate provocation at Israel.

I have tried to turn myself in to the authorities, but they refuse to listen, and so I urge every household in the UK to contact the Panorama team, sending them photographs of their own weapons caches and urging them to cover this story without delay. We are sleepwalking towards disaster unless we act now. (For maximum effect please ensure your photographs are taken at a good resolution and send them without compression in an email to thus clogging up their server).

We need to show Israel we’re with them 100% on everything they say and do, and there’s no better vehicle for communicating this than via the BBC and reporter’s like Jane Corbin. Thank you.

Stop Press: Deadly Weapons Cache Uncovered in UK Home

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Weapons include: Kitchen knives (assorted), corkscrews, craft knives, disposable razors (male and female), staple gun, garden shears, extensible pruners, electric jigsaw, spade, small hacksaw, garden trowel, protective goggles, small plastic wrench.

No stun guns, paintball guns, 9 mm pistols or automatic assault rifles or gunboats were found amongst the cache, but since these don’t really qualify as weapons this doesn’t diminish the very severe nature of the cache in question.

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