Terrible Truth About UK Households –Revealed.

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Thanks to award-winning investigative journalist Jane Corbin and the BBC Panorama team responsible for last week’s dramatic expose: ‘Death in The Med’ (BBC2 Monday 16th Aug), I have been alerted to the fact that I may be harbouring a deadly weapons cache in my own home.

After conducting an intensive search of my kitchen drawers and garden shed that lasted 5 whole minutes, it was confirmed that indeed I possesed many weapons identical to those found on the Mavi Marmara by the Israeli Authorities, including lethal vegetable knives, disposable razors, craft knives, an office stapler, garden shears (needing repair) and – alarmingly – some plastic protective eye-goggles. My initial shock quickly turned to horror when I realised that possibly as many as every household in the UK may be unwittingly harbouring such weapons – clearly a domestic terrorist threat and maybe even a deliberate provocation at Israel.

I have tried to turn myself in to the authorities, but they refuse to listen, and so I urge every household in the UK to contact the Panorama team, sending them photographs of their own weapons caches and urging them to cover this story without delay. We are sleepwalking towards disaster unless we act now. (For maximum effect please ensure your photographs are taken at a good resolution and send them without compression in an email to panorama.reply@bbc.co.uk thus clogging up their server).

We need to show Israel we’re with them 100% on everything they say and do, and there’s no better vehicle for communicating this than via the BBC and reporter’s like Jane Corbin. Thank you.


Stop Press: Deadly Weapons Cache Uncovered in UK Home

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Weapons include: Kitchen knives (assorted), corkscrews, craft knives, disposable razors (male and female), staple gun, garden shears, extensible pruners, electric jigsaw, spade, small hacksaw, garden trowel, protective goggles, small plastic wrench.

No stun guns, paintball guns, 9 mm pistols or automatic assault rifles or gunboats were found amongst the cache, but since these don’t really qualify as weapons this doesn’t diminish the very severe nature of the cache in question.

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